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Established in 2016 by Sobia Maq and Adnan Afaq, two senior financial sector specialists, We create end-to-end travel experiences - touching lives & celebrating diversity

Established in 2016 by Sobia Maq and Adnan Afaq, two senior financial sector specialists, Route16 is a bespoke travel company that curates holidays which expose travelers to a variety of experiences – from pure sight- seeing to engaging with local communities, families and participating in development activities such as teaching at schools, holding medical camps and working with environmental groups. We can take you camping, rappelling & alpine trekking (no skills – no age restrictions). We also have strong access to movers and shakers in Pakistan and can arrange high profile meetings with politicians, corporate groups, bankers, artists, academia & development sector.

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Where & what to eat


Activity planning

Guides, safety & security

Equipment, as required

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Trek Calendar

Rebels with a Cause x Route16 Pakistan Motorcycle Tour 2024

May 31 – June 12

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Emily Wang, USA Harvard Kennedy School (MPA), MIT Sloan (MBA)

Pakistan Trek was the opportunity of a lifetime. Sobia and Adnan were able to provide us access to perspectives in the country that we never could have accessed ourselves. In addition, their hospitality and dedication made the trip even more special. It’s one thing to go on a well-organized tour. It’s something else entirely to be brought to see someone’s homeland through their own eyes.

Samantha Joseph, USA Harvard Kennedy School (MPA)

Visiting Pakistan was a highlight of my time at the Harvard Kennedy School. As future global leaders, it’s very important that we explore the world and go beyond the headlines to form our own perspectives. The 8 days I spent in Pakistan gave me the chance to do that. Sobia and Adnan designed an itinerary that exposed us to all aspects of the country – culture, politics, and business.

Irene Sun, China Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School

I was curious about coming to Pakistan. I had grown up differently than others in the US. I saw all the developments post 9/11. But I don’t think you can paint 200 million people with one stroke of brush. But unfortunately there is nothing to contradict the narrative that we have in the media about Pakistan. When I decided to visit Pakistan, I felt I was stepping out of my comfort zone. By the end of it, I would say that I am more fascinated with this place that is complicated and interesting.

Ahad Warraich, Non-Resident Pakistani Harvard Kennedy School, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Though I live in the US, I am the son of Pakistani immigrants and most of my extended family lives in Pakistan. I have been to Pakistan over a dozen times but this time it was a totally different experience. I traveled out of Punjab and saw my country from a different angle. I represent both the worlds and can best relate to their issues. The Pakistani expatriates talk a lot about their country which is no doubt a dramatic and exciting one. I stay connected with my family as I know my roots are here. At some point, I consider coming to Pakistan to contribute to its development. I have interests in health systems, including global health, and would love to help Pakistan use its full potential.

Nelson Ortiz, Venezuela Harvard Kennedy School (MPA), Wharton Business School (MBA)

I discovered a culture that really made me feel at home through its kindness to strangers and focus on family values. I realized I would have a completely different vision of Pakistan by the end of the trip.

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The Founders

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Adnan Afaq


He spends his spare time riding horses, raising dogs, coaching young professionals and roaming the outbound.

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Sobia Maqbool


With her newly discovered passion for road trips, Sobia led the first trek to Pakistan from Harvard University in 2016.