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At A Glance

Specially designed experience for students & their partners, with its inception at Harvard

Travel plans designed especially for students & their partners, with its inception at Harvard University.

Pakistan trek is an intense (7-10 days) and fast moving (some 30+ activities) travel experience, full of sight, sound and delicious food. We will take you on a voyage of a 5,000 BC civilization – home to the tallest peaks in the world, with over 65 peaks higher than the alps in Pakistan, and crystal blue lakes. It’s a journey with diverse experiences – from the food you eat to the people you interact with and the landscapes you breathe in.
Through short-term (7 to 10) visits to Pakistan, current and emerging thought leaders are exposed to a variety of experiences firsthand and indulge in deep conversations about politics and war, while cultivating lasting relationships with their Pakistani counterparts. It’s a unique opportunity to gaze deep into the soul of Pakistan and gain access to an insider’s look into the lives of the locals. Pakistan Trek is for people who want to challenge the public narrative and develop perspectives beyond the headlines.
From outdoor activities fostering team building to problem solving and leadership skills that support students in identifying their future path, Route16 works with teachers and student counselors to design customized trips for O/A level students. While exploring new landscapes, languages, lifestyles, history, and culture or just chilling out at a retreat away from the study grind, students reflect on the purpose of life, identify their strengths and define their priorities for the future.

How It Works?

A Student or a group of students reaches out to Route16 and express interest in visiting Pakistan
Route 16 team understands their travel aspirations and accordingly provides guidance relating to different aspects of travel- safety- cost - things to do - places to visit, etc
Student Lead will be responsible for marketing of the trip within the student community through informal meet-ups, info sessions and social media
A group is finalized and their interests documented
Route16 makes all the on-ground arrangements for the trip
Student Lead compensated for their efforts
A teacher, coordinator, or student counselor reaches out to Route16 and expresses their desired goals for their students (could be developing life skills, team-building, etc.)
Route 16 team understands the profile of the students, and proposes activities and other experiences in line with the desired objectives for the group and best destinations for the trip
Route16 makes all arrangements for the trip, with safety of students being a top priority

Our Services

Develop itinerary

in line with interests of the trek participants

Arrange Meetings

with the most prominent personalities and institutions in Pakistan

Organize end-to-end facilitation

all logistics, including accommodation, transport, inter-city travel, meals, activities, meetings - in addition to visa support and travel guidance (for international travelers)

waiting to welcome you to our Home

Trek Spotlights

Activities & meetings reflect the participants’ professional interests and support our mission to develop a deeper understanding of the country and its challenges of today

Development Work
High Profile Meetings
Family Life

A Typical Day

cycling with critical mass Karachi (a local citizens group of 100+ cyclists)
Horseback Riding at the Beach
Visit to old city Kharadar followed by halwa puri breakfast with Marvi Mazhar, architect & activist
Talk with Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy – two times Oscar winner, at her residence
Talk with Jibran Nasir
Quick shopping spree
Dinner with top dignitaries from the Government, including Governor Sindh and Corporate Sector
7:00 am
8:00 am
10:00 AM
1:00 pm
3:00 pm
5:00 pm
7:00 pm

Fellowship Programs

Short term work placements with social development organizations to gain grassroots level exposure. The typical duration of such programs is about 3 months and allows fellows to work in their areas of interest such as microfinance, education, poverty alleviation, etc. and explore their interests which can potentially shape future career decisions. For adventure seekers, placements could be made in exotic locations such as the high mountains.

Past Treks -Alumni

at Badshahi Mosque

Harvard Pakistan Trek


Cambridge Pakistan Trek

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London Business School Pakistan Trek