Route 16


Let’s Explore Pakistan Your Way.

Solo Travelers and Adventure Seekers

Time out from the daily hustle and bustle of life can help you reboot yourself and our travel experts can design just the perfect getaway for you. You can either relax in orchards or get on an adventure trip – whatever gets you back in your mojo! From choosing hotels or even homestays that allow you peaceful time to relax to activities that are aligned with your interests, we will arrange the perfect trip for you!

Women-only Trips

We understand that women may feel hesitant to travel alone or even in groups. We can take you to destinations where you will be safe and comfortable. Our team connects you to a pre-screened host family and a Route16 support guide who will accompany you whenever and wherever needed. To ensure your safety, all hotels and transporters are screened beforehand. So if you wish to travel alone or in a female-only group, just give us a call!

Non-Resident Pakistanis

We love to reintroduce the emerging Pakistan to non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs). If you’re someone who gets to visit Pakistan occasionally, then let us help you arrange the perfect trip to explore your own country.

From seeing cultural heritage sites to trekking the majestic mountains; from savoring street food to visiting art galleries, we have got you covered! We can also organize meetings with corporates, banks and even young entrepreneurs if you wish to partake in building Pakistan’s future.

Students (local & foreign)

Emerging thought leaders have a special role to play in the future of Pakistan, be it local or foreign students. Our product, Pakistan Trek is specially designed to invite students studying in the world’s top universities and immerse them in a fast paced exposure trip to Pakistan that can help shape their view of the country beyond the narrative on popular media.

For local students, we especially focus on teenagers looking to build their resumes through experiences that help shape diverse facets of their personalities and interests, which may include social work, leadership training, corporate exposures and outbound activities, among others.

Golden Agers

Every person should have fun regardless of their age or gender. Thus, we want to start a new trend by catering to the golden agers (for those who are 70 & above) so they can travel to destinations they aspire to, with their friends or family.

Get your friends together and we will arrange a lifetime holiday in faraway lands of Chitral- Hunza – Skardu and more! We will organize accommodation, transport and walks that will take into account your physical fitness plus there will be assistants and guides to support you throughout the trip, as needed. Trust us with your dreams and we will deliver!

Artists, Poets & Writers

Our travel experts can select locations which will inspire your creativity. We are confident that the majestic mountains, pine forests and crystal blue lakes will make your creative juices flow! Arrangements can be made for one person or a group.

Family & Friends (groups)

The more the merrier! Make a group and we will curate a holiday to your liking, interest and timing. We understand that large groups often have diverse interests and preferences, but you can trust our travel experts to design an itinerary that will surely make everyone happy.


Both co-founders are from the corporate world who have led large teams and institutions. Therefore, we completely understand the nuances of corporate dictation. Route16 can help you organize your board & family council meetings, team building & strategy sessions, marketing and other corporate and training events. Our co-founder, Adnan Afaq, can facilitate training sessions. He is a Chartered Accountant, builder of 3 financial institutions and brings valuable experience of mentoring & training {ICAP- DTP- LUMS and other universities}.