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Bahawalpur is an old princely state which was ruled by the Abbasi Nawabs for 200 years till 1954 when Bahawalpur acceded to Pakistan. 

Bahawalpur has wide tree lined streets, with several palaces, many tombs and shrines. Ideal for starting a safari in Cholistan desert or arranging a boating trip down the Indus river. Derawar Fort and Uch Sharif both are under 2 hours away. There is also a library that was built in 1924 with one of the best collections of books in Pakistan, and a museum worth visiting with an amazing collection of Buddhist Gandhara statues, Hindu carvings, miniatures, etc.

Malam Jabba

Located about 280km from Islamabad, Malam Jabba is a ski resort in the Swat valley. In winters, the place is popular owing to winter sports, views of beautiful snow-covered mountains, and thick green forests, with some amazing hotels. Also, of course, as you drive up, you cannot miss the juicy oranges or the chapli kebabs from Takht Bhai!

While Malam Jabba is only 50kms from swat, the distance measured in kms can be a little deceiving as it can take you anywhere from 2-4 hours to drive up to the skiing track, depending on the traffic and snow condition on the roads. If you have not driven on snow before, then you might want to think twice before venturing out yourself. Local drivers clad their car tires with chains to avoid slippage.

Once there, you can rent out all the gear you need for skiing and also get one of the local boys to teach you how to ski if you are a novice. These kids have great skills and will get you skiing in no time!


Peshawar is one of the oldest living cities of Pakistan with recorded history. There is much to explore in the city including historical sites such as Mohabat Khan Mosque, Jamrud Fort, Gor Khatri Caravanserai, Mughal Bridge, Durrani Graveyard, and other tourist spots such as Khyber Pass, Sethi Street, Chowk Yadgar and Balahisar Attock Fort. 

The people of the city are meat lovers and you will find great options at the food street at Ghanta Ghar. Peshawar is famous for its namak mandi karahi, dum pukht, chapli kabab, kabuli pulao, mantu, lamb chops and mutton ribs.

Soon Valley

Tucked away from the rush, is the beautiful Soon Valley, with its beautiful lakes, amazing spring waterfalls and lush green hills. It is the perfect location for a short trip over the weekend. 

We will take you on short hikes through canyons and gorges to beautiful springs and exotic waterfalls. You can visit old shrines and temples or relax by the lake and watch the birds dance in the blue sky. The air is fresh and it is the perfect location for a relaxing retreat. Kallar Kahar is nearby where one can visit the Katas Raj temples, or go on to explore the 2nd largest salt mines of the world, in Khewra.