Route 16


A Town of Floating Clouds

Nathiagali is the perfect location for a weekend getaway into the clouds where you can get some quiet time with nature and yourself.

Sobia Maq



Murree – Nathiagali – Ayubia, (known as galiyat meaning hill track) are all under 2 hours’ drive from Islamabad. Our favorite is Nathiagali as it’s weather is quite pleasant, – it has plenty of walking areas and a small bazaar which is still not as crowded. We can plan your holiday from one day to as long as you want. Stays can be arranged in guest houses with beautiful rolling lawns to fully serviced hotels.

Things To Do


Miranjani top

This is the highest hill of galiyat at a height of 9,816 feet [2,992 meters]. Miranjani trek starts a few minutes’ drive away from the Governor House in Nathiagali. It is about a 3 hours hike to the top – steep both in the beginning and end.

There are two treks to the top: one is shorter but steeper and much tougher to climb, and the other is via Namli Village, a little longer but easier to climb (better for families).

Mukshpuri top

This is the second highest hill of galiyat at 9,200 feet [2,800 meters]. It is about a 3 hours hike from Nathiagali, and from Donga Gali it takes about 1 hour. For the more leisurely type, ponies can be arranged.

The trek starts through the green pine forest with lots of flowers, especially at the end of the rainy season. There is a very small water spring at the top. You will see the scenic Kashmir valley from the top and Ayubia national park on the Dunga Gali pathway.

Pipeline trek

Dunga Gali pipeline track follows the pipeline from Dunga Gali to Ayubia, a distance of 3.5 kilometers and an altitude of around 8,200 feet, with a very easy walking track and takes about 40 to 50 minutes.

Picnic spots

Nathiagali has several unexplored waterfalls, either right at the roadside or just 15 mins walk off the main road. These are great spots for a picnic, and we can arrange one for you.

  • Namri mehra waterfall – there are two waterfalls identified by the same name
  • Samundar khatta lake
  • Channati

Other Tourist Spots

moto tunnel

Moto Tunnel

A recently restored 129-year-old British era tunnel
ayubia nationla park

Ayubia National Park

Ayubia National Park – 15 mins ride from Nathiagali bazar to the main entrance. You can walk around the park, which features 100+ species of plants and 30+ species of mammals. There is also a chairlift

Saint Matthews Church

Saint Matthews Church – a century-old church, which was built entirely out of cedar wood during the British raj and a great spot to visit during your time in Nathiagali.


Patriata – 2 hours’ drive from the bazar. Patriata offers chair lift rides and is a fun place with atmosphere of a mela (fair)

Topa Khan Kalan Bakote

Topa Khan Kalan Bakote – 10 minutes ride from Nathiagali. Has a beautiful view of Kashmir & Miranjani
picnic spot

Grang Kass, Darya Sari

Grang Kass, Darya Sari – 5 km from Nathiagali. You can trek through dense forest to this beautiful natural waterfall or drive up on a 4 wheel.

Bakote Molia Waterfall (Sangum Abbashar)

Bakote Molia Waterfall (Sangum Abbashar) – 15 km from Nathiagali. Lovely waterfall and the view of Bakote and Kashmir is spectacular

Kanar Kass point (Nelum Jelum River/Kohala)

Kanar Kass point (Nelum Jelum River/Kohala) – 15 km from Nathiagali also known as Nelum Viewpoint. It’s a beautiful spot where the river Kanar Kass merges with Nelum Jelum.
nathiagali bazar

Nathiagali bazaar

Nathiagali bazaar – good for shopping and some leisure time

Best Time To Go

We would say any time of the year is great to visit Nathiagali. The weather remains cool to chilly even in peak summer so it is an excellent getaway from the heat in the cities. In winters, it receives plenty of snow but the road remains open. People take day trips to Nathiagali and some even move to Galiyat for the summer.