Route 16


Jis nay Lahore nai vekhya o jamyai nai!
[That who has not seen Lahore has not lived]

Growing up I lived in every major city of Pakistan including far-flung border cantonments other than Lahore. Though as a teenager I regularly visited Lahore during college vacations to meet friends and fell in love with the city. When the time came to establish a home and raise a family I chose to live with the zinda dallan e lahore, (the lively people of Lahore). There is history, culture, great street food, lively people and a hot summer which is the only thing I don’t like about the city. 

Adnan Afaq



Lahore features statement architecture and a history that dates back to antiquity. Power has changed hands many times over the years with the city having been run by various empires including the Hindu Shahis, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, and Delhi sultanate until the medieval era.

From the late 16th to early 18th century, the Mughal empire ruled, and then many moons later in the 19th century, Lahore became the capital of the Sikh empire. Finally, pre-partition, Lahore was annexed to the British empire. Traces of these times can be found all over Lahore and make for a great trip down history.

Things To Do, See & Shop

Route16 will take you on a whirlwind tour of the historical sites of this city, filled with rich cultural heritage – through the tiny alleys of the old walled city to the grand fort with its secret basements; a sneak at the little known mosque built below ground level and through the bustling bazaars of perfume makers, antique shops, colorful dresses and jewelry. For the foodies, lots and lots of street food from centuries old bakers & culinarians. With us, you will experience the city like never before!

Historical Sites

walled city lhr

Walled city of Lahore



tomb of jahangir (1)

Tomb of Jahangir

shalimar gardens

Shalimar Gardens


Lahore Fort

sheesh mahal

Sheesh Mahal


army museum

Army Museum

fakir-khana-museum-lahore (1)

Fakir Khana Museum

lahore museum

Lahore Museum

national-history-museum-lahore-1 (1)

National History Museum

Places of Worship & Shrines


Badshahi Mosque

wazir khan

Wazir Khan Mosque


Moti Mosque

Data Darbar

nankana sahib

Nankana Sahib

Art & Culture

nairang (1)

Nairang Gallery

naqsh (1)

Naqsh Art Gallery


National College of Arts

To Do - Activities

Tonga & rickshaw rides

Wagah border ceremony

Polo matches (October to April)

Bus tours


Literary and art festivals


Lahore has numerous bazaars and high end malls where you can shop your heart out. Some of the popular local markets in Lahore include Shah Alam Market – a wholesale market in the walled city, Anarkali, Ichra and Liberty market. Sobia still thinks that Karachi is the shoppers’ paradise, though every now and then she is seen driving down from Islamabad to Lahore for shopping.

If we talk about clothes, there are several markets that just deal with wedding related items, which is a huge industry in Pakistan given how we like to celebrate these occasions with all the grandeur. In fact, many designers specialize in just that, most of whom have outlets in Lahore.


There is also the whole casual wear segment – with several local brands to choose from. If you are visiting Pakistan, then you should buy a few kurtas which can be paired with jeans (men or women) and are great for an evening with friends.

You will also find beautiful vibrant handicrafts and scarves/shawls to purchase from Lahore.

Best Time To Go

Summers are long and hot, and we wouldn’t recommend outdoor activities during May to September. The winters aren’t extreme so it’s a great time to be in the city anywhere between October to April.

The temperatures start easing at the start of October and the evenings become pleasant. It is great to arrange bonfires in December / January to enjoy the cold winter evenings with friends and family.


Lahore is connected to other cities in Punjab, and down south through a motorway network. If you are planning to drive into the city, you will have to be mindful of the fog during December and January. The motorway operates for restricted hours – information on this is readily available on public forums.


Lahore has an increasing number of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation – from high end hotels to budget hotels. Since we are residents of the city ourselves, we would be happy to arrange quality boutique hotels or homestays for people looking for a more intimate experience.


Lahore is definitely a culinary delight! We particularly love all the desi food options that the city has to offer from the Chole Bhature in Anarkali, Manoo Siri Paaye, Ashraf Tikka, Nafees Dahi Bhalley, Amritsari Hareesa and the list goes on and on.

You should definitely take a trip to the Gawalmandi, Abbot Road, Lakshmi Chowk and food street in the walled city on one of the evenings! At the same time, several restaurants offering international cuisine are also amazing to dine at. Our favorites include Fuschia, Aylanto and Burning Giraffe.