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The Capital

Islamabad has really grown on me over the last four years and I honestly never imagined saying this. While I remain a Karachiite at heart, I do like living in Islamabad and enjoying the 5 changing seasons, the fresh morning air, the winter sun and the ability to run to the mountains whenever I want.

Sobia Maq



Standing at the foot of Margalla hills is the capital of the country, Islamabad. It is the only planned city in the country, built in the 1960s to replace Karachi as the capital. A lesser known fact about the city is that it was designed by a Greek architect.

If you are interested in learning what’s going on in the power corridors, then Islamabad is the place to be! As the capital, the city houses the Parliament, Supreme Court, Prime Minister Secretariat, President House, Election Commission of Pakistan, etc. 

Moreover, the city hosts offices of most multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, etc. This has a strong influence on its culture, with a large number of expats residing in the city.

Things To Do, See & Shop

Route16 can plan a trip around Islamabad that will let you enjoy the beautiful greenery around you while also giving you a bit of flavor of Pakistani culture.

To See


Faisal mosque


Pakistan monument


Shakarparian park

Golra Railway Heritage Museum Islamabad, Pakistan.

Golra station

shah allahdita cave

Shah Aallah Ditta caves

lok virsa

Lok Virsa

Shrine of Meher Ali Shah

Shrine of Meher Ali Shah


Saidpur Village


Pharwala fort

damne koh


To Do - Activities

Hiking on Margalla hills (several trails)

Cycling (the city actually has cycling lanes)


Pony riding


Zip lining

Best Time To Go

Other than peak summer months from May to September, Islamabad has great weather conditions. The beautiful rich colors of autumn are a great sight. We particularly love the winters when you can go out for long walks in parks and enjoy the sun or cozy up in front of the heater and enjoy fresh juicy oranges.


Islamabad is connected to the rest of the Punjab through a motorway which makes traveling around very easy. The roads going up to the high mountains are also pretty developed now and make for a great road trip!


Islamabad has an increasing number of options to choose from when it comes to accommodation – from high end hotels to budget hotels. Since we are residents of the city ourselves, we would be happy to arrange quality boutique hotels or homestays for people looking for a more intimate experience.


The variety of food available in Islamabad has definitely improved in recent years. Plus, there is a growing chai / coffee culture and a number of cafes have opened up in the city, where one can also work peacefully.

Our absolute favorite is the Kabul Restaurant in F-7 offering barbecue items. Popular coffee / breakfast places include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Loafology, Chatthas, Brew, and the Second Cup. 

The Kohsar market has a number of fine dining restaurants and E-7 eateries are also growing very popular, particularly the pizza places. If you are looking to have desi food, Khoka Kola is a great option.