Route 16


Let’s Explore Pakistan Your Way.


We take you to destinations that are paradise for outdoor activities and adventure! Engage in fun-filled activities including hiking, rappelling, water rafting, skinny dipping and much more. Let’s dispel the notion that outdoor activity and camping requires one to be tough and fit. We cater to ordinary mortals who have no experience nor are very fit but want to experiment. From the safaris in southern deserts on camelbacks, to trekking on the northern glaciers with yaks, to searching for lagoons and springs in deep canyons and central plateaus – we will plan for you to enjoy it all! If you are someone who is daring enough to face the glorious snow capped peaks, we would love to plan audacious hikes to base camps of the mighty 8,000 meter peaks and explore the untouched peaks of Pakistan’s majestic mountains.
PC: Khurram Khan

Cultural Experiences

Pakistan offers rich cultural diversity, from the languages spoken (apparently more than 74 but at least 5 have more than 10 million speakers) to the traditions practiced, music and food – it is difficult to paint this nation with one stroke of brush!

From the bhangra and dhols that will welcome you in Punjab, to the colorful celebrations of Kalash festivals, the tonga rides through the narrow alleys of the old gated Lahore city, the lures of Sindhi folk music, the traditional dance in Peshawar, there is tons to see, explore and experience in Pakistan!

Off-beat Tracks

Most travel guides will take you to popular tourist destinations and don’t take us wrong – those are excellent places to visit, but how about some road-tripping to explore off-beat tracks? Our co-founders frequently like to scale the length of Pakistan and explore hidden gems and for the adventure lovers out there, we are more than happy to share our experiences with you!

Meditation & Fitness

Route16 takes you to the perfect locations for a quiet retreat where you can soak yourself in nature and forget all about worldly matters.

Meanwhile, our fitness and yoga instructors and meditation consultants, with years of experience in their respective fields, can help you gain a new perspective on stressful situations, increasing self-awareness, imagination and creativity.

Let us take you on the perfect fitness retreat so that you can return fresh as a morning flower.


The best holidays are when you don’t have to come home from a vacation in need of a vacation. With Route16, expect nothing but the best when it comes to fun-filled activities and thrilling adventures. We understand that fun and excitement can have different meanings for different people – it can either simply be reading a book under the shades of lush trees in Sharan forest, or going on long walks in Nathiagali, or even rock climbing with friends and family. Therefore, at Route16, we design trips that fit and cater to our customers’ specific interests and requirements.
Pic: Group enjoying the Drum Circle

Food Trips

While the jury is still out on whether Karachi or Lahore has the best food to offer, although Sobia is convinced it’s Karachi, we can all agree that there is no place like Pakistan when it comes to scrumptious food! From Zahid’s nihari in Karachi to Hareesa in Lahore, from freshly made breads at the Afghan Bakery in Islamabad, to Safeena’s fusion Chup Shuro in Hunza, to trout fish at Kazim’s home in Skardu, and the list goes on and on, there is no shortage of good food and we know all the right places and people! So sit back and let the connoisseur in you, and your taste buds, get on a journey with us!
PC @thehungrythrone

Philanthropic Work

We believe in giving back to the communities. Route16 has been actively engaged in philanthropic work to support the communities we interact with. And we would like to share this experience with our customers. So whether you want to teach at a local school, set up medical camps in remote locations, or contribute to the rebuilding of a neighborhood, we can help you meet your social objectives. These engagements can be arranged on a standalone basis or as part of a holiday, where you want to make your time off from the regular routine of life more meaningful.
Pic: With students at The Citizens Foundation

Tours of Holy Sites

Pakistan is home to diversity in not only culture, but also faith and religion. Many religious sites from the pre-partition era have been well maintained, which people from around the globe visit as either followers, researchers, or tourists. Such historic sites include Sufi shrines, Hindu temples, Sikh Gurdwaras, Buddhist Monasteries, Mosques, and Churches. At Route16, we facilitate people to visit such sites by arranging trips focused on their areas of interest. Destinations include Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, Katas Raj Temples, Chaqchan Mosque, Dharmarajika Stupa & Monastery, Nankana Sahib, Choorio Mandir, Nagarparkar, and many others.
Pic: Bhodesar Temple, Nagarparkar

Exchange Programs for Students

From short term visits to various destinations in Pakistan, under the Pakistan Trek initiative, to work placements with social development organizations as part of our fellowship programs, Route16 is focused on learning and development of emerging thought leaders, both local and international. Itineraries for such trips are completely customized to the interests of the group participants and allow for building deeper understanding of the country and self.